Alaska Daily
Alaska Daily
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Alaska Daily

A journalist seeks a fresh start in Alaska working for a newspaper in Anchorage.


Alaska Daily (2022–) follows the journey of a journalist seeking a rejuvenating new beginning in the vast wilderness of Alaska. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Anchorage, this series revolves around the protagonist's life as they join a local newspaper and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of journalism.

With stunning visuals that capture the raw beauty of the Alaskan landscape, Alaska Daily introduces viewers to the challenges and triumphs of the protagonist's professional and personal life. As they navigate the intricate dynamics of the newsroom and uncover captivating stories, the protagonist's presence begins to make a profound impact on the community.

This heartfelt and engrossing series captures the spirit of Alaska by exploring its rich culture and unique way of life. Alongside the journalistic endeavors, viewers also get a glimpse into the protagonist's personal journey of self-discovery and the bonds they form with the diverse characters they encounter.

Alaska Daily aims to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling, authentic performances, and an evocative soundtrack that complements the show's tone. Ideal for those seeking a captivating drama series set in an unconventional and awe-inspiring location, this series promises to transport viewers into the heart of Alaska's untamed wilderness while exploring the power of journalism and the human connection.

Also Known As:

Alaska Daily

Release Date:

06 Oct 2022


Tom McCarthy