Eminence Hill
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Eminence Hill

A trail of revenge leads a notorious killer and a lawman to a town of fanatics. Blood will flow.


Eminence Hill (2019) is an exhilarating Western thriller that takes us on a gripping journey of revenge, set against the backdrop of a town ruled by fanatics. Directed by Robert Conway, this action-packed film promises an intense and bloodcurdling experience.

In the Old West, a notorious killer with a dark past and a relentless lawman find themselves with a shared objective – to seek revenge. Their quest leads them to Eminence Hill, a town harboring a sinister secret, where fanatics reign and blood flows freely.

The film delves into the psychological depths of the characters as they navigate through an intricately woven web of deceit and betrayal. The notorious killer and the lawman face unexpected challenges, as alliances form and rivalries ignite within the town's enigmatic populace.

Eminence Hill showcases breathtaking cinematography, capturing the essence of the wild west. The stunning visuals immerse the viewers in the untamed and treacherous landscape, heightening the tension and augmenting the movie's gritty atmosphere.

With its thrilling storyline, engaging characters, and electrifying action sequences, Eminence Hill is a must-watch for fans of Western and revenge-driven movies. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as the trail of revenge unfolds and blood spills in a town governed by fanatics.

Also Known As:

Eminence Hill

Release Date:

01 Nov 2019


Robert Conway, Owen Conway


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