Excess Will Save Us
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Excess Will Save Us

A young film director, returns to her family village after a terrorist alert was triggered. As she films her family members in their power dynamics, s...he comes to understand that they are more connected to this event than she origi... Show More


Excess Will Save Us (2022) is a captivating drama film that follows a young film director, who decides to return to her family village when a terrorist alert is triggered. As she begins to film her family members, she soon realizes that they are intricately linked to the event in more ways than she initially thought.

Throughout the movie, the director explores the power dynamics within her family, shedding light on the complex relationships and hidden secrets that have shaped their lives. The film delves into themes of identity, sacrifice, and the consequences of excess.

Excess Will Save Us showcases compelling performances from its ensemble cast, with each character providing a unique perspective on the event that unfolded in the village. The film subtly examines how personal choices can have far-reaching consequences and how individuals can be both victims and perpetrators of their circumstances.

With stunning cinematography capturing the rural landscape of the village, Excess Will Save Us offers a visually immersive experience. The film's nuanced storytelling provides a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and the choices individuals are willing to make in times of crisis.

Directed by a promising new talent, this film marks a significant addition to the genre, showcasing a fresh perspective on familiar themes. Excess Will Save Us is a must-see for fans of character-driven dramas and those interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships.

Also Known As:

Excess Will Save Us

Release Date:

01 Apr 2022


Morgane Dziurla-Petit


1 win & 7 nominations