Innan vi dör
Innan vi dör
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Innan vi dör

A police inspector in the organised crime unit disappears after meeting with a mysterious informer.


Innan vi dör (2017) is a riveting Swedish crime thriller that follows the story of a police inspector working in the organized crime unit. When he mysteriously vanishes after a meeting with an enigmatic informer, the intricate plot starts to unfold.

Set in a gritty and relentless world of crime, the film delves into the complex world of organized criminal activities. As the search for the missing inspector intensifies, his colleagues and loved ones are left grappling with the unanswered questions surrounding his disappearance.

With an atmospheric and suspenseful narrative, Innan vi dör keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The film explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the blurred lines between good and evil. As the truth behind the inspector's disappearance gradually unravels, the audience is taken on a thrilling journey that will leave them questioning everything they thought they knew.

Boasting powerful performances and a well-crafted storyline, Innan vi dör is a must-watch for fans of gritty crime dramas. With its intense action sequences and unexpected twists, the film offers a gripping viewing experience that will keep audiences engaged until the very end.

Also Known As:

Before We Die