Johnny vs Amber
Johnny vs Amber
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Johnny vs Amber

Two-part documentary series with explosive evidence, intimate personal archive and in-depth interviews from both legal teams explores the UK High Cour...t libel case and the important and complex issue of domestic abuse. Show More


Johnny vs Amber is a compelling two-part documentary series that delves into the dramatic UK High Court libel case involving renowned Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This thought-provoking series presents explosive evidence, intimate personal archives, and enlightening interviews from both legal teams, shedding light on the intricate and crucial subject of domestic abuse.

The first part of the documentary unfolds with a deep exploration of the case, tracing the events leading up to the trial and providing insight into the allegations made by both parties. It offers viewers a glimpse into the volatile relationship between Depp and Heard, highlighting the complexity of their personal dynamics.

The second part of Johnny vs Amber dives even further into the case, featuring captivating interviews with key witnesses and legal experts. This in-depth analysis reveals shocking revelations and casts a new light on the narratives presented by Depp and Heard during the legal proceedings.

Through its meticulous examination of court documents, personal testimonies, and expert opinions, Johnny vs Amber aims to foster a greater understanding of the delicate issue of domestic abuse. This series offers viewers an opportunity to gain insights into a high-profile case and explore the challenges of seeking justice within a highly publicized and closely scrutinized courtroom. Johnny vs Amber is a must-watch documentary that raises important questions about truth, perception, and the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

Also Known As:

Johnny vs Amber

Release Date:

09 May 2022


Eliana Capitani