Private Practice
Private Practice
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Private Practice

A spin-off of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" centering on the life of neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery.


Private Practice (2007–2013) is a compelling medical drama that serves as a spin-off to the popular show Grey's Anatomy. The series revolves around the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery, an accomplished neonatal surgeon. After leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle, she relocates to Los Angeles to start a new chapter in her career and personal life.

In Los Angeles, Addison joins a renowned private practice known as Oceanside Wellness Center. She quickly becomes acquainted with a group of talented doctors, each with their own unique backgrounds and expertise. Together, they navigate the complex world of medicine, tackling both personal and professional challenges along the way.

As the series progresses, the doctors at Oceanside Wellness Center find themselves dealing with a wide range of medical cases, from routine check-ups to life-threatening emergencies. They also face personal struggles, exploring themes of love, friendship, and ethical dilemmas. The show delves into the emotional lives of the characters, showcasing their triumphs, heartbreaks, and personal growth.

Private Practice offers viewers an in-depth look into the world of medicine, as well as the personal lives of the characters. With its compelling storylines, well-rounded characters, and powerful performances, this series is a must-watch for fans of Grey's Anatomy and anyone looking for a gripping medical drama.

Also Known As:

Private Practice

Release Date:

19 Sep 2007


Shonda Rhimes


11 wins & 21 nominations.