Spy City
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Spy City

An English spy is sent to Berlin in 1961 to sift out a traitor in the UK Embassy or among the Allies, shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wa...ll. Show More


Spy City is a gripping espionage thriller set in Berlin in 1961, during the tense period just before the construction of the Berlin Wall. The story follows an English spy who is tasked with uncovering a traitor within the UK Embassy or among the Allies.

As the walls start closing in, tensions rise, and loyalties are tested, the spy finds himself in a race against time to identify the double agent. With the fate of not just himself but also the entire mission hanging in the balance, he must navigate through a city rife with deception and danger.

Set against the backdrop of Cold War paranoia, Spy City brings the murky world of espionage to life, with a web of secrets and lies threatening to unravel the spy's mission at every turn. The series delves deep into the moral complexities of the spy's role, forcing him to question allegiances and confront his own demons.

With its stunning period detail and atmospheric cinematography, Spy City immerses viewers in the gritty streets of Berlin as it teeters on the brink of division. Packed with suspense, international intrigue, and unexpected twists, this thrilling series will keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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Spy City

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15 Apr 2021