The Boy Behind the Door
The Boy Behind the Door
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The Boy Behind the Door

After Bobby and his best friend Kevin are kidnapped and taken to a strange house in the middle of nowhere, Bobby manages to escape. But then he hears ...Kevin's screams for help and realizes he can't leave his friend behind. Show More


In The Boy Behind the Door (2020), viewers are taken on a thrilling and suspenseful journey alongside Bobby and his best friend Kevin. The story begins when the two boys find themselves abducted and trapped in an unfamiliar house located in a remote area. Determined to escape their captors, Bobby bravely manages to break free. However, his relief quickly turns to concern as he hears Kevin's desperate cries for assistance.

The movie focuses on Bobby's unwavering loyalty and courage as he grapples with the decision to either save himself or risk everything to help his friend. As he navigates through the treacherous obstacles of the house, Bobby must outsmart the abductors and confront his own fears in order to rescue Kevin. The suspense builds as the audience is kept on the edge of their seats, anxiously hoping for both boys' survival.

The Boy Behind the Door is a heart-pounding thriller that explores themes of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice. This emotional rollercoaster of a movie will captivate audiences with its intense storyline and the extraordinary determination of its young protagonist. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as you witness Bobby's harrowing journey to save his friend and discover the shocking secrets hidden within the walls of the mysterious house.

Also Known As:

The Boy Behind the Door

Release Date:

29 Jul 2021


David Charbonier, Justin Powell


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