The Lost Viking
The Lost Viking
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The Lost Viking

A young, skilled Viking embarks upon a perilous journey, fighting a lone battle to become a warrior Viking and fulfill his family legacy.


In The Lost Viking, a young and talented Viking named Vitharr sets out on a dangerous journey to become a warrior Viking, and to honor the legacy of his family. The film is an epic adventure filled with action and suspense, perfect for fans of historical dramas and captivating storytelling.

The story unfolds as Vitharr finds himself separated from his Viking clan and shipwrecked on hostile shores. He must battle against formidable enemies and face numerous challenges in order to find his way back home. Along the way, he encounters a mysterious warrior who aids him in his quest, teaching him the ways of the Vikings and helping him unlock his full potential.

As Vitharr fights for survival in a cruel and unforgiving world, he learns valuable lessons about courage, honor, and the true meaning of being a Viking. Through gripping battles and breathtaking landscapes, viewers will be transported back in time to experience the exhilarating and dangerous life of a Viking warrior.

Directed by Emmet Cummins and featuring stunning cinematography, The Lost Viking offers an immersive and visually appealing cinematic experience. With its compelling storyline and well-executed action sequences, this film is sure to captivate audiences and leave them eager for more. Don't miss out on this thrilling and inspiring tale of bravery and determination.

Also Known As:

The Lost Viking

Release Date:

28 May 2018


Emmet Cummins, Victor Mawer, David Shillitoe