Vingar av glas
Vingar av glas
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Vingar av glas

Nazli is18, born in Iran, raised in Sweden. She lives with her father Abbas and her older sister Mahin. Nazli, who want to blend in calls herself Sara.... One day Abbas tell her how he sees her future. Show More


Vingar av glas (2000) is a thought-provoking Swedish film that follows the story of 18-year-old Nazli, who was born in Iran and raised in Sweden. Nazli, in an attempt to assimilate into Swedish culture, goes by the name Sara. She lives with her father, Abbas, and older sister, Mahin.

The film explores the challenges faced by immigrants and the complexities of identity and cultural assimilation. Nazli finds herself torn between her Iranian roots and her desire to fit in with her Swedish peers. Abbas, her father, shares with her his vision of her future, further emphasizing the contrasting expectations and pressures she faces.

Vingar av glas showcases the microcosm of one family's struggle to balance tradition and modernity, and the conflicts that arise from trying to navigate between two different cultures. It delves into the emotional depths of the characters, shedding light on their dreams, hopes, and fears.

With its compelling narrative and realistic portrayal of the immigrant experience, Vingar av glas captivates viewers, urging them to consider the themes of identity, belonging, and the challenges faced by individuals caught between two worlds. This emotionally charged film offers a unique perspective on the immigrant journey and prompts reflection on the complexities of cultural assimilation.

Also Known As:

Vingar av glas

Release Date:

27 Oct 2000


Reza Bagher, Nathalie Drago, Fredrik Lindqvist


3 wins & 4 nominations