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A widowed father returns to Austin after one year, attempting to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family, and find common ground... with his new partner, while growing increasingly suspicious of his wife's death. Show More


Walker (2021–) is a compelling drama series that follows the journey of a widowed father who returns to Austin after a year of absence. As he tries to rebuild his life, he faces the challenge of reconnecting with his children while also navigating familial conflicts and establishing a bond with his new partner. However, alongside these everyday struggles, the protagonist grows increasingly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding his wife's untimely death.

Set in the vibrant city of Austin, viewers will be drawn into the intricate storyline that explores the complexities of grief, family dynamics, and the quest for truth. The series skillfully balances emotional depth with gripping suspense, immersing the audience in a compelling narrative that keeps them guessing.

With its well-crafted characters, the show delves into the protagonist's journey of personal growth, highlighting the various challenges he faces while trying to find common ground with his family and overcome his suspicions. As the mysteries surrounding his wife's death unfold, viewers will eagerly follow the twists and turns, eagerly awaiting the resolution.

Walker offers a captivating viewing experience that combines family drama, romantic tension, and a thrilling investigation. It is a series that will resonate with viewers who enjoy character-driven stories intertwined with mystery and suspense.

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21 Jan 2021


Anna Fricke


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